Bracelet 1092

1 699,00 kr

Description: Bracelet made of pewter thread, seed beads, leather of reindeer or lamb, reindeer horn button.

Widht: ca 4.5 cm.

Length and color: as required. When selecting the length, measure your wrist and add  1 cm.

Delivery information: Each unique jewelry is handmade when ordered and therefore the delivery time is about 2 weeks.


Product description: Bracelet made of pewter thread, with round lether straps and seed beads. Leather of reindeer or lamb. Reindeer horn button. The jewelry is labeled with a badge of pewter, with the engrave Jess of Sweden. The loop is reinforced with false sinew. The pewter thread contains 4 % silver. Free from nickel. For long-lasting durability, do not expose this jewelry to water.

Width: ca 4.5 cm.

Delivery information: Each unique jewelry is handmade when ordered and therefore the delivery time is about 2 weeks.

Additional Information
Size in cm

15, 15,5, 16, 16,5, 17, 17,5, 18, 18,5, 19, 19,5, 20, 20,5, 21, 21,5, 22, 22,5, 23

Color of the leather

Antique gold, Antique silver, Beige shimmer, Black, Blue, Blue-white flowers, Cerise, Chocolate brown, Cloudberry, Cognac brown, Crimson, Dark magenta, Dark olive, Dark purple, Dark purple shimmer, Emerald green, Gold, Green, Green shimmer, Grey, Heather, Lavender, Leopard, Light blue, Light blue metallic, Light grey, Light olive, Light pink, Lime metallic, Lime shimmer, Mint, Nature, Navy blue, Olive shimmer, Orange, Pink, Pink gold, Pink metallic, Pink-white flowers, Plum metallic, Plum shimmer, Purple, Red, Red shimmer, Silver, Thunder blue, Thunder grey, Tiger, Turquoise blue, Turquoise metallic, White, White tiger, Wine red, Wine red shimmer, Yellow

Color of the leather straps

Antique pink, Black, Blue, Blue melange, Blue metallic, Bronze, Cerise, Champagne/Gold, Chocolate brown/Antique brown, Cognac brown/Light brown, Copper, Dark magenta, Dark olive, Gold/Champagne, Green, Green metallic, Heather, Light pink, Lime, Mole, Orange, Pink/Pink metallic, Purple metallic/Plum, Purple/Dark purple, Red, Red melange, Red metallic, Silver/Grey, Turquoise blue, Violet/Light purple, White, White metallic, Yellow

Seed beads 11/0

Antique gold, Black, Black metal, Blue frosted rainbow, Blue-green, Cerise, Champagne, Cherry red, Cobolt dark, Cobolt light, Cream white, Crystal white shining, Dark amethyst, Dark olive shining, Dark pink, Flame red, Gold, Gold mix, Green fern, Green shining, Heather, Lavender dark, Lavender light, Light orange, Light pink, Light turquoise, Lilac, Lime, Lime shining, Matte turquoise, Mint green, Oxblood red, Pale pink, Pink, Pink crystal, Purple light, Purple shining, Red, Rose mauve, Ruby red, Ruby red shining, Saffron, Silver, Silver blue rainbow, Silver crystal, Silver rainbow, Smoky brown topaz, Sunset (brown-orange tones), Turquoise rainbow, Zinc